Spectre chosen for Unsung Heroes Acceleration

May 16, 2023

We’ve been selected to take part in the first edition of the Unsung Heroes Acceleration Programme with other chosen startups from 18 countries!

Unsung Heroes is dedicated to organizations that aim to improve the world around us, so from the moment we’ve heard about it, we knew we had to join it. Thanks to cooperation with Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH)Polska Misja Medyczna/Polish Medical Mission and MAP AFRIQUE, rap2sfrance Humanity First Response, Habitable Earth Kollyan Foundation and Centre de Recherche pour la Gestion de la Biodiversité this program will help us reach more people in need! We believe that participation in Unsung Heroes will give our drones new opportunities to save people’s lives, health and well-being, and help with crucial environmental issues.

We appreciate the Organizer’s work on this project and their decision to select us for successful cooperation. We hope that together we’ll be able to achieve great things and help many people!

We cannot wait for the next steps for the programme and joint development of Spectre Solutions and Unsung Heroes, and keep our fingers crossed for accelerating our impact on well-being of people waiting for our solution,

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