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Growth story

The company was founded in 2015 to solve the local healthcare problem in Poland. The first UAV designed in Spectre Solutions was fixed-wing construction with VTOL capabilities. It was designed to deliver defibrillators to crash sites in lodzkie voivodeship in central Poland where highway infrastructure was under construction and it would take a long time for ambulances to reach the site. Spectre’s designed mission was to enable delivering the Automated External Defibrillators to potential road accident sites as quickly as possible to save lives of victims who wouldn’t survive until the arrival of medical services. The first model was finished and presented in 2016 during Dron Show in Rzeszow (Poland) and the Warsaw Industry Week show. It was recognized during Kongres 590 show and covered on the President of Poland’s official website after the expo.


After tests company revised the model, acquired EU funding, and started working together with Warsaw University of Technology. The project started in 2018 and allowed the company to fundamentally revise its business strategy for the UAV industry. In 2019 company entered a partnership with UAvionics – a leading polish company that produced UAVs for a variety of missions. Initial tests of the revised model were conducted in early 2020. The finished revised model called Spectre-1 was finished in August 2021. Soon after it was shown during the MSPO fair (Military exhibition in Kielce, Poland), and on the Gitex show where it received a good response. In 2021 Company received funding for a second R&D project called “Grim Reaper” which involves Spectre’s UAV for constant highway traffic patrolling (mobile speed camera). The project is being built in cooperation with Cezamat Institute, Warsaw University of Technology, and the National Institute of Telecommunications.


Highway traffic patrolling, guarding borders and pipelines, and monitoring crops or forests to ensure better protection of the environment are only some of the solutions that the company started developing with the help of AI systems. Spectre’s team of developers adapts the best of artificial intelligence’s capabilities and classical software development to achieve synergy and create perfect conditions to successfully introduce new solutions tailored to the needs of clients and the environment.


Since then, Spectre Solutions has entered the process of dynamic international growth. In Poland, close ties were tied with Łukasiewicz – Institut of Aviation, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (Polish Armaments Group), Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, and more. Abroad, Spectre came hand in hand with Naffco, Rheinmetall Barzan Advanced Technologies, Qatar University, Midlands Aerospace Alliance, and other significant partners.


With the help of these friends, the company’s solutions are able to keep reaching further and flying higher. Spectre-1 was presented during many important international events and Spectre’s representatives keep sharing our knowledge and opportunities with professionals in need of an effective drone system.

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