Spectre is supporting Ukraine in tragic times

September 27, 2023

Recently our CEO, Szymon Radtke, has visited Ukraine to extend our common understanding and look for opportunities to support this country in the current crisis.

We appreciate and admire the brave Ukrainians who are defending their motherland while living in constant danger and uncertainty. We believe that we should support them in these endeavours to help save more lives and bring the war closer to its end.

During the visit, we could see the current situation in Lviv and meet with Ukrainian heroes fighting for their country.
We’ve consulted Fundacja Unii Lubelskiej with amazing President, Andrzej Sadłowski, on how to best help lessen the burden on Ukraine’s defenders, which was the most important purpose of our visit, and decided together on two main areas for support.

Firstly, to provide them with drones and digital radios for Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and Aerorozvidka NGO. We hope that they will prove useful and become another small step on the road to Ukraine’s successful defense.

Secondly, to fund a prosthetic foot to a Ukrainian soldier who was gravely injured during his brave participation in the defense of Ukraine. He’s allready arrived in Poland and gone through the fitting process. We wish you a fast and effective rehabilitation!

Szymon Radtke said:
„It’s shocking to see such a tragedy going on in an era that should have been a time for the joint development of every country for the wellbeing of Earth’s population. It’s still hard for me to understand how a war can be going on in our neighbour’s territory. To realise that families are being ripped apart, people are suffering from hunger, gruesome injuries, and constant anxiety. We’ve decided that in these tragic times, we also have to deepen our understanding of the situation behind our borders and look for ways to help our Ukrainian friends.”

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