Visit of the Nigerian Ambassador to Poland in our office

October 25, 2022

The Nigerian Ambassador to Poland, H.E. Major General Christian O. Ugwu (Rtd) made his maiden visit to Spectre Solutions office in Warsaw. The meeting was attended by two important delegates; the First Secretary of Nigeria to Poland and accompanied alongside was the President of the Nigerian Diaspora in Poland Dr. Tade Daniel Omotosho who has been actively involved in working for the Nigerian community in Poland.

The Ambassador was extremely delighted to receive a warm welcome extended by Spectre Solutions’ team on his first ever visit to the production unit in Minska 25, Warsaw. Joining from the host’s side were members of the board Sebastian Konkol (CIO), Szymon Radtke (CEO), Marek Pleskot (CTO), and international business heads; Emmanuel Joseph (Head of Internationl Business APAC & EMEA) and Francziszek Milczarski (Head of International Business).

There were many uplifting business proposals, partnerships, co-operations and important dialogues which were being deeply contemplated considering the instrinsic value proposition we see in Nigeria. In the oil & gas industry for instance, Nigeria is Africa’s largest contributor with 90% of export in crude oil. This growing economy tops the charts by being a major contributor in terms of oil exports, with crude oil sales accounting for 90% of its foreign exchange earnings. In a markets as attractive as Nigeria, drones have a significant role to play by changing the way businesses are currently being carried-out. The team here at Spectre Solutions is confident enough to anticipate many mutual investment opportunities in both countries, by building an economic bridge between Poland and Nigeria. Drones and drone-based services have been on the edge for a long time to be introduced to suit some of the markets with harsh weather conditions, especially in countries like Ghana, Uganda, Algeria, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya where drones have already started to make a huge social and economic impact even in hot weather conditions.

Giving this visit a meaningful approach and create more space for further actionable steps to follow, “a comprehensive initiation between the two countries must begin with local universities where Spectre Solutions will initiate R&D projects in Nigeria. This way there would be an opportunity to deliver hands-on experience in the field of technology and create more jobs for the younger population.” said Mr. Emmanuel Joseph on his views why it is important to collaborate with Nigerian universities.

This one hour meeting that eventually concluded on a positive note with some interesting conversation that the Ambassador was able to have while seeing the drones face to face. The Ambassador was also interacting with the team by asking essential questions based on performance and endurance of the new features that Spectre 2 drones will be able to deliver in the days to come. Answering those questions the technical team was able to share some remarkable functionalities of Spectre 2 model, which is well-equipped take-on the African skies and provide end-to-end solutions for today’s competitive business environment and ever changing market needs.

And to pave the way for business opportunities and delegate positive cooperation in international trade between the two countries. The Ambassador also assured his full cooperation in giving Spectre Solutions the exciting offer to participate in the upcoming Nigeria Diaspora Investment Summit 2022 (NDIS 2022) event in Nigeria scheduled in November. An event that attracts an impressive strategic attention from various countries where Nigerian citizens have evolved by establishing a strong foothold in global markets as business leaders and global representatives. 

During his address to the team at Spectre Solutions office H.E. Major General Christian O. Ugwu promised on reaching out to all prospective channels of investments and business platforms that form a part of a wide network of industries having commercial interests in education, defense healthcare, agriculture, safety and security services. His assurance to liaise on matters concerning diplomatic affairs with complete cooperation from his office was a clear sign of an optimistic approach to form a strategic alliance between both the sides. Showcasing Spectre 2 drones to commercial and government institutions who are not only willing to procure such high-end products but are also are enthusiastic in using drone technology service on many higher levels of business utilities. 

Spectre Solutions new and upgraded version of drone for special tasks with real solutions will soon be launched with some extraordinary features and astounding flying capabilities to meet the fast growing business needs. 

Some of the potential areas where Spectre Solutions had proposed to provide UAV based expert services are in transportation, defense, and monitoring sectors to enhance the service infrastructure that needs more attention. On the other hand Spectre Solutions will be keen to launch its business operations in the following domains;

  • Sharing our technological expertise
  • Setting up of an Assembly Line in Nigeria.
  • Agriculture
  • Road Traffic Monitoring
  • Pipeline Network Monitoring
  • Medical Assistance.
  • Forest Land Survey
  • Defense related projects.

Today’s discussion was primarily focused on sector specific needs and the different ways to achieve an aggregate solution in solving them. Whilst industries that have encountered such needs are looking for alternate solutions, the advent of drone technology and its extraordinary capabilities can make a significant transformation in people, process, products and services.  

Throughout the various business spectrums and investments avenues that we come across, drone solutions are making exceptional contribution in industries like healthcare, infrastructure, military & defense, surveillance, education and R&D initiatives. Such markets have already started witnessing some remarkable changes in their business models. Introduction of drone technology today have not only opened new business horizons but also have changed the way businesses used to be conducted a decade ago. And the trade-offs between the outcomes of not having them in the service line of business operations as opposed to experience the enormous demand of drones growing on such a large scale of business activities have brought a paradigm shift in implementing new business models and strategies of business intelligence. 

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