Spectre-1 dimensions

February 17, 2020

Drone specificationToday we are glad to disclose some basic details regarding our new drone – SPECTRE-1. The solution has been designed to allow transportation of lightweight cargo or surveillance equipment for a vast distances. This what makes our solution stand out is that it combines features of quadcopter and fixed wing at the same time. By using SPECTRE-1 conducting of fully autonomous missions is also possible.Our UAV is able lift up to 3kg (6,61 lbs) of cargo and transport it efficiently keeping entire MTOW not exceeding 25kg (55,11 lbs), due to EU legal limitations.


⁃ width: 3,55m (139,76 inch)

⁃ height: 0,71m (27,95 inch)

⁃ length: 2,11m (83,07 inch)

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