BNI Wspólna Business Recommendation Meet

April 24, 2022

Spectre Solutions was privileged to be at the BNI Wspólna business recommendation meet held at Crown Plaza Hotel today at 6:30 AM.

The event was attended by elite members of the BNI Wspólna business and networking community, business owners, freelancers and traders from Warsaw who came forward and showcased their products and services.
We thank Grzegorz Turniak for inviting Spectre Solutions’ team to participate and share some of the unique product features of our drones to all eminent guests in this event. Our team which was represented by Marek Pleskot Chief Technology Officer & Emmanuel Joseph Ambadipudi, Head – International Business APAC & EMEA, presented essential value added features and high standards of drone technological advantages in transforming the way we look at some of the peculiar needs from drone users in the global markets.
During this networking session we had the opportunity to talk about Spectre- 1, which is built as VTOL drone and how it can meet some of the essential needs with the help of its unique capabilities. Some of the features are highlighted below:
· Vertical takeoff and landing without any supporting infrastructure.
· Can reach a speed of up to 140 km/hr.
· Mixed and Electrical versions available.
· Maximum altitude is 3280 ft.
· Supports RC/GSM/LTE/5G/SAT communication standards.
· Possess fully automatic capabilities as well as direct flying controls.
· Maximum take-off weight is 25kg includes 3 kg payload.

The event also gave us an opportunity to interact with many other potential business partners in technology, financial services, marketing, and representatives of global business consulting firms specialized in market expansion in middles east, south-east Asia and south America. Overall, the event paves the way to build essential partnerships and enhances collaborative way of working together and acquiring customers through recommendations.

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