The solution for medical deliveries

Spectre-1 allows to take up to 3kg of medical supplies and safely deliver them from hospital to medical laboratory. Our solutions consists of UAV with big enough cargo bay (45 litres) and set of procedures allowing medical services to safely deliver medical samples to laboratory in efficient way.

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Cooperation process

Mission specification

Mission specification

at begining of cooperation we carefully help client analyse and prepare full mission specification. Keep in mind that any mission is different kind and solution needs to be prepared accordingly
Offer specification

Offer specification

in next step we assess how many drones are needed for specified mission profile. Additionally we assess support and training needs
Total cost estimation

Total cost estimation

last step is total cost estimation and financing for our products.


Parameter Value (electric)
Cruise speed 90 km/h
Landing speed 0 km/h
Maximum flight altitude 1000 m
BVLOS flight range unlimited (using GSM/LTE/5G/SAT)
Maximum flight distance 40 km
Maximum flight time 1 h
Vertical flight engines 8 (4×2)
Horizontal flight engine 1 electrical
MTOW 24,95 kg
Maximum payload capacity 3 kg
Cargo space 50x30x30 cm
Size 3,55 x 0,71 x 2,11 m
Operational temperature range -20 +45 C
Runaway not needed

Technical specifications

SPECTRE-1 is built as VTOL drone is able to take off and land vertically without any supporting infrastructure. It can fly both as an airplane and a copter and it can stop in the mid-air. Maximum take-off weight is 25kg including 3kg payload. Cargo compartment dimensions are: 50x30x30cm, it is also able to drop payload on parachute safely. 

Drone can reach speeds of up to 90km/h and is fully electric. Maximum operational altitude is 1000m. Drone supports RC/GSM/LTE/5G/SAT communication standards and is capable to conduct full automatic mission (i.e. BVLOS) as well as flying under pilot direct control (e.g. VLOS/BVLOS).

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