Inspector Y6

Need to inspect a large area with little effort? Inspector Y6 can handle this task with its inspection tools. Just set the flight route and let it do the work.

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Inspect with ease

You only have to determine the flight route. The Inspector Y6 will manage the whole process of inspection in various environments thank its setof monitoring tools, starting with buildings, road, and rail infrastructure, to electrical and heat networks. The right equipment for professional business users.

Inspector Y6

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An infrared camera (IR) allows for Application for various inspections, thermal insulation, photovoltaic panels, heat networks or electrical networks.


Inspection camera with 30x optical zoom is useful for remote visual inspections of difficult to reach places as well as damage detection.


It allows the camera to look 90 degrees up and 90 degrees down. Perfect for inspections from the bottom of the structures like bridges, reservoirs, viaducts, and tunnels.


Searchlight in LED technology allows or a better exposure of all difficult to reach places and capture damages or run the inspection with a camera operating in visible light.


Three separate flight controllers can work simultaneously. It provides redundancy and allows the platform to continue the flight, even in case of a failure of two autopilots.


Six separate BLDC engines improve stability in case of strong winds. It allows for maintaining a stable flight, even if one of them is damaged.
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Maximum takeoff weight

7 kg

Maximum endurance

35 min

Payload weight

1 kg

Maximum range

30 km

Size unfolded

70 cm x 70 cm

Maximum speed

60 km/h

Size folded

50 x 30 x 20 cm

Sensors FullHD

30x zoom